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First contact with Shrimad Rajchandra


During 1890 Lallujiswami came to know from Ambälälbhäi that there was one great spiritual ascetic named Shrimad Rajchandra, who was self-realized and who had miraculous capabilities. As Ambälälbhäi came to know of his eagerness to come in contact with Shrimad Rajchnadra, he arranged for that when Shrimad came to Khambhät during late 1890.


Shrimad was 14 years younger and was in the lay life. Still at the time of the very first meeting Lalluji was so overcome with devotional affection that he fell at his feet, though the latter tried to prevent him. Lalluji was convinced that Shrimad was self-realized and that the realization could be surely gained from him. As such, he was keen to respect him. He asked Guru Harakhchandji whether he could get some guidance from Shrimad. As guru granted it, he requested Shrimad to go upstairs.

Accordingly when the latter came up, Lallujiswami fell at his feet three times inspite of the fact that latter was a layman, while he himself had been a monk. Then shrimad asked him that he was looking for.

Lallujiswami said with folded hands that he was desirous of gaining the right perception and form observance of celibacy. For a while shrimad remained silent and thens aid 'okay'. Thereafter he held the first right toe of lalujiswami, examined it and then went down.


On the way home he told Ambalalbhai that Lallujiswami had been spiritually oriented being since his previous life.

Lalluji was yearning for self-realization and had resorted to vows, restraints, renouncing etc. for that very purpose. When he learnt that Shrimad had manifest realization and that the same could be gained only from him, he was determined to accept the latter as Guru with single-minded devotion. Without caring for the sectarian constraints he devoted his life to remain in contact with Shrimad and to resort to his instructions. On that account he had to face problems from the sectarian people. Since he was accepting a layman as his Guru, obstructions were raised even in his getting food and water. However, this great man was living only for the sake of realization. As such, he remained steady and faithfully resorted to the realized Guru. Without being affected by the obstructions he stayed dedicated to his objective and always remained eager to get the benefit of Shrimad’s contact.