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AtamBhavna Bhavata Jiv Lahe kevalgnan Re!

In Mumbai, Shrimadji explained the 17 Stanzas of 'Samadhisatak' to pujya Prabhushri and also gave him the same book to him for deep study and reflection.


As Prabhushri was about to leave with the book, Shrimadji called him back.

Thereafter Shrimadji composed and wrote : 'Atambhavana Bhavta Jiv Lahe KevalGyan Re' (one can attain omniscience by contemplating over the nature of soul) on the first page of Samadhisatak.

One day Shri Lalluji asked Shreemad : "I do not like all this, when would I constantly be steady in the experience of my Self?"

Shreemad said, "You need proper teachings."

Shri Lalluji said, "Then please grace me with it ."
Shreemad observed silence. Shreemad repeatedly taught about maintaining silence and he used to say that it is highly beneficial. Taking a hint from Shreemad's silence, Shri Lalluji after returning to Surat from his stay in Mumbai for the whole of monsoon season, took a vow to observe silence for three years with an exception to speak with his colleague monks when necessary and to converse with Shreemad on spiritual matters. In Surat he experienced enormous peace after commencing reading and reflecting the `Samadhishatak' which he postponed to read and reflect on, during the busy life of Mumbai.

Greatmen have experienced peace and so they show the means they employed to attain it. Therefore if they show the means to quell anger, one's anger would vanish, if they show the means to remove pride, pride would vanish, if they show means to attain peace, peace can be definitely mastered.

Prabhushree’s quotes in ‘Sadguruprasad’:
“Those who have or will develop full faith and belief in Vachanamurt of Param Mahatma Sadguru Shrimad Rajchandra, are/will be ¬†highly blessed since these bhavya atmas will attain MOKSH in very short span of time”