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Passing away of Shrimad


On the eve of going to surendranagar, Shrimad went to Bhavsar place, where the monks were staying for the time being. Informing them about his plan to goto surendranagar, he said the Lallujiswami with a tone of reproach, "You have been agter us, you pursue us wherever we go, do not leave us alone." Thereupon Lallujiswami thought that henceforth he would goto shrimad when called for, so long as he does not call for, he would continue to stay in devotion.



Next day Shrimad called for Lallujiswami and Devkaranji at Agakhan place in Ahemdabad and said, " Now we have no inclination but for detachment, do not conceive of any distinction between us and the detached Lord." (see no difference in him and in Shri Mahavirswami). Lallujiswami adn Devkaranji had that type of faith in Shrimad. They were highly delighted to hear it from his mouth. They were extremly happy to note that Shrimad had empties his heart to them before leaving.


Shrimad left Ahemdabad for surendranagar. Shrimad left his body on Tuesday, 9 April 1901. He was in Rajkot during his last illness. The stream of visitors had continued unabated almost all the time, and Shrimad had not slacked in his effort at responding with the same degree of warmth to all those who came, which was much against the advice of his doctors. The letters written during the last days were addressed to Ambalalbhai, to Tribhovandasbhai, and to Laghuraj swami.

The news of his passing away was conveyed to Lallujiswami though Zaverchand Bhagvandas of Kavitha. The previous day Lallujiswami had fasted and had spent the night in woods. When he came back in morning for termination the fast, Zaverchand and his brother were talking about giving the news to Lallujiswami about termination of the fast. Thereupon he inquired about it and he was informed about Shrimad's pasing away. On hearing that Lallujiswami went back to woods and spent the whole day alone in devotion, Kausaga etc without even taking water. He thus spent the day with pangs of separation in woods within the hot weather of April. Thereafter he went to Vaso.