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Prabhushree (Laghurajswami)

  • Shrimad met some monks who were deeply impressed by his understanding of the scriptures when he visited Cambay in about 1891. One monk, named Lalluji Maharaj, later known as Laghuraj Swami, had already heard of him.Laghuraj Swami also known as prabhushree gained self-relaization by getting conviction of self through the graceful lord Shrimad Rajchandra, the great philosopher and spiritualism incarnate.

  • By virtue of innate compassion he turned the liberation-seekers towards well beign of soul with his teaching. His benevolent in redering their rare human lives fruitful was thus supreme. Despite him being a monk and Shrimad a householder, Laghuraj Swami was devoted to Shrimad. He was not ashamed of paying homage and bowing down to Shrimad, but Shrimad discouraged this. Laghuraj Swami had whole-hearted faith in him, just as a true disciple should have in a true Guru. There is much to be learnt from Laghuraj Swami and from the correspondence and instruction he received from Shrimad.




He later became the founder of the Shrimad Rajchandra Ashram at Agas. His highly meritorious activities have helped in turning the ashram from wilderness to a blissful adobe of wholesome contact. It was for Laghuraj Swami that Shrimad had composed the ‘Letter of Six Fundamentals’ (Chha Pad No Patra).

Laghuräjswämi did not look at the people from the worldly criteria of great or ordinary, prince or pauper, right or wrong, male or female, young or old etc. He used to see the soul within everyone and address as Prabhu (Lord). Moreover, godliness of spiritual greatness was shining within him and he used to inspire others to keep in mind the objective of their godliness so as to manifest the same. Hence everyone began to call him Prabhushri.

In his instructions he has repeatedly emphasized as under.

“In this human life one needs to keep faith in graceful Lord Shrimad Rajchandra as the true Guru. It is not worth indulging in fancy and diverting faith elsewhere. One, who thus keeps faith in the true Guru, will secure the bliss. If right perception does not arise in this life, the human birth would go in vain. Believing in Shrimad implies belief in all the enlightened. That is Anekänt (multiple view points), which one fails to understand. If he admits that what Shrimad knew is right and hence it is acceptable, he would attain the well being of soul. The real beneficence lies in resorting to his commands.”

“Lord Tirthankars have termed the human life as rare. After obtaining it one needs to develop the liking, faith and conviction of true Guru, of the graceful Lord. The true beneficence will arise, if these words are resorted to at the instance of a saint. It is not worth conceiving of enlightenment by one’s own fancy. That would be mistaken. It is very hard to obtain human birth again and again.”

“Belief and faith in true Guru as mentioned by the saint constitute the right perception. One, who thus keeps faith in the true Guru, would secure the bliss.”

“Do not accept anyone as Guru or consider him enlightened by your fancy. Believe only in the graceful Lord. Keep faith in him. Your Lord need not be different from ours. If that is the same, love him, develop affection for him.”

“By virtue of our earlier wholesome Karma we came across the enlightened person. Since we gained the bliss from his words, it occurs to us that everyone may gain the same. We do not become Guru; we simply point out true Guru. One, who believes us and resorts to the directives of true Guru, will surely attain the liberation. But we do not hold ourselves responsible, if he clings to the guide. That would amount to marrying the welcoming girl. It is risky to point out, and it is more risky to be a Guru.”

“The age span is short, hence it is worth remaining cautious. Is it helpful to believe in anyone as the Guru? What scale are you going to use for that purpose? If you think yourself competent to test, you must have been enlightened!”

“The worldly soul has failed to carry out the commands. The importance of 20 Lyrics, Lesson of Atonement, Lessons starting with ‘Oh Graceful Lord, destroyer of birth, aging and death’ and ’The blissful religion propounded by the detached Lords’ is being reduced to insignificance. Ätmasiddhi is miraculous. Therein it is said, ‘If you think properly, you would attain it’, but where is the worthiness for that?”

“The enlightened beings have affirmed, ‘Nothing belongs to me except right perception, right knowledge and right conduct.’ It is necessary to avow the same. That needs to be repeatedly contemplated.”

“Keep it in mind that this human birth is fruitful because of the unique contact. Now keep faith in that one. If you try to divert the faith elsewhere, you will get lost. If your keep firm faith in graceful Lord, the self-realized saint, your chanting, austerities and all other activities are successful; the human life is successful. The lamp has been lighted, take it as the rise of right perception.”

“Any delay now rests on you. Ätmasiddhi is unique, its every stanza is miraculous.”

“We have not known the soul, but the Guru, whose shelter we have adopted, has correctly understood lifelessness and consciousness. He has rightly known the nature of soul. Faith in him constitutes the right perception. Keep faith in the graceful Lord; that faith itself is the soul. Faith in the right person leads to truth, that in the wrong place leads to falsity.”

“It is said, ‘I should forsake what I have known, I need to know what is not learnt.’ Soul is worth knowing, everything else needs to be forsaken.”

Thus one used to listen from him continually of soul only. That constituted the superbly wholesome contact and led to the inclination towards the soul.

He used to say, “Sahajätmaswaroop Mantra, Lesson of Atonement etc. are the means provided by the Saint. They should not be turned into insignificance. One should not harbor the worldly opinions like, ‘I know this, or I have memorized it.’ Their importance can hardly be put into words; only the enlightened person knows it. When Sobhägyabhäi asked for the permission to point out those means to the liberation-seekers, the graceful Lord remained silent; when we asked for that, he gave his permission. Accordingly we have been extending those means to those, who come to us, with the idea that it would be helpful to them. Those means should therefore be resorted to with extra-worldly mode.”

He extended the directives and the means, which he obtained from Shrimad, to the deserving persons in the name of Shrimad. Similarly he asked them to believe in the Mantra and other directives with the sense of total surrender to the graceful Lord. He has never become the lord. What a level of humility and desireless state! What a greatness of the victorious saint, who had conquered the defilement of ego and arrogance!