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Birth to Initiation

  • Laghurajswami was born in 1854 in the village of Vatäman situated in Bhäl area of Ahmedabad District. Since the boy happended to free the family from the disgrace of being childless, his 4 mothers as well as the people in the village loved him. He was named as Lallubhäi. His father’s name was Krishnadäs and mother’s was Kushaläbäi.

    It was a Bhävsär family belonging to Sthänakwäsi Jain sect. That being a well to do family he was fondly reared.

    He was imbibed with the virtues of simplicity, generosity, friendliness, etc. and that endeared him to everyone. In that village his family was considered prominent, reputable and financially well off.