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At Vaso

During monsoon of 1898 Shrimad went again to Charottar on a retreat. That time Lallujiswami was at Vaso and Devkaranji at kheda. During Au-Sep Shrimad went to Kavitha and then to Vaso via nadiad. He asked lallujiswami, "Muni, How long would you like me to stay here?" Till then, Lallujiswami did not have any occasion to remain in his contact for more than six days except at Bombay. With the intention to remain longer contact he said, "It would be good if you stay here for a month."

When Lallujiswami had to go for alms, he used to say to the people that a highly learned man had arrived from Bombay; it would be therefore be benificial; f they attended his sermons. Hence many people used to come to Shrimad and take advantage of his enlightened talks. Thereupon he told Lallujiswami, "You and other monks shouldnot come when pther people are there." Lallujiswami repented that he had requested for having the benefit of contact for a month and the onstruction arose int he matter. His thirst for contact could not be contained, because the monks could get the benifit of Shrimad's talks only when he went out.



At vaso muni Mohanlalji once asked Shrimad: How should I observe meditation?
Shrimad: When Lalluji undertakes devotional prayers, you should listen to the same while staying in Kausagga (satying beyond physical and mental aspects and contemplate about their meanings.

Shrimad asked Lallujiswami to point out the following, when a liberation-seeker asked for means of self-realization.

Give up seven major addictions.
Give up Taking Green Vegetables
Give up the articles growing underground.
Give up eating after sunset.
Turn rosary five times a day.
Chant ‘Sahajatma Swaroop Paramguru’ (The supreme Guide abides at ease within the self).
Recite and comtemplate over Kshamapana (Atonement) and 20 lyrics (Bhakti Rahasya-Hey prabhu) everyday.
Resort to wholesome contacts and true scriptures.

Muni was gratified when that internal development grew and resulted in self-realization during one month of contact with Shrimad at Vaso in 1898. His resorting to the true Guru thus came to fructification.

From Vaso Shrimad went to Uttarsanda. After staying there for one month he went to Kheda and gave the benefit of contact to Devkaranji and other monks for 23 days.’

* Seven addictions: gambling, meat, drinks, stealing, prostitution, hunting and extramarital sex.

*Seven non-eatables: Avoid eating berries of Banyan tree, Pipar tree and Pipal tree, Udumber, figs, honey and butter,