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Shrimad Rajchandra -Vachanamrut

Shrimad Rajchandra's writings are compiled in text that bear his name as the title which contains more than 955 letters written to four key disciples who all attained self realization. In this book, called Vachanamrut, letter number 194 states as follows: The entire path of spiritual awareness starts with obeying the order of a living master ( Sadguru), and obedience to the master's teachings leads a disciple to self knowledge and Moksha.



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Shri Vachanamrut Pushpamala no 1-108

Shri Vachanamrut Patra 21 vakya 1 - 126

To listen Shri Vachanamrut Patras

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Pushpamala no 1 to 108


Patra 21 Vakya 1 to 126

More Vachanamrut patras coming soon