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Six fundamental truths

At surat Lallujiswami was having fever since long. During this time one lallubhai died afer illness for about 12 months. Thereupon Lallujiswami felt that he might also pass away. So he wrote several letters to Shrimad requesting, “Lord, this body is now not likely to survive; if I leave without right perception, my human life would go in vain; so please endow me with the right perception".






Thereupon Shrimad sent to him the Letter of Six Fundamentals and compassionately wrote that it was not worth being afraid of death.









Thereafter when he came to surat, he elaborated the contents of that letter at length and explained its inner significance to Lallujiswami. He also recommended to memorize it and to repeatedly ponder over the same.

About the said letter Lallujiswami frequently used to say during the later years, “That letter has removed lot if our misconceptions. It did not allow us to stay in Sthanakwasi  fold; neither did it keep in Tapgachchha, nor allowed to enter vedant. Steering clear of all the sectarian differences, it kept us only on soul. It is miraculous letter, it is wonderful letter that can lead a deserving soul to contemplate about the right perception. It is worth memorizing and pondering over repeatedly.”




The letter is as follows:

With intense devotion I bow to the true Guide, the bestower of unique refuge.

The enlightened, who have attained true knowledge of Self have described the following six fundamentals as the supreme abode of right perception.

First fundamental:- 'There is existence of soul.' As there is existence of physical objects like pot, cloth, etc. so is the existence of soul. As the properties of pot, cloth, etc. are the evidence of their existence, so the obvious property of consciousness to manifest itself as well as others, is the evidence of the existence of soul. 

Second fundamental:- 'Soul is eternal'. Pot, cloth, etc. stay as such for some time; but soul stays forever. Pot, cloth, etc. are composed of some materials, but soul is a substance on its own, because no composition can be visualized for producing soul. Consciousness cannot arise out of any composition, so it is not a product. Being incomposible, it is nonperishable; because what cannot be produced by any composition, can not merge in anything else. 

Third fundamental:- "Soul is Kartä'. All objects are associated with purposeful activity. All of them are seen with some or other process that causes alterations. Soul also is imbibed with activity. Having the actuation., it is Kartä. The omniscient Lords have described three types of such actuation. In absolute state when soul stays tuned to its pure nature, it is the Kartä of that nature; in normal practice (which can be experienced; which comes in close contact), it is the Kartä of material Karma; and nominally it is the Kartä of physical objects like buildings, towns, etc. 

Fourth fundamental:- 'Soul bears consequences of its action'. All activities are fruitful; they are not futile. It is the obvious experience that whatever is done, has its consequences. Consumption of poison or sugar and contact with fire or snow do not fail to produce their respective consequences. Similarly, if soul indulges in defiled or undefiled state, that state too is bound to be fruitful and it produces consequences. Thus being Kartä, soul bears the consequences as well. 

Fifth fundamental:- 'There is liberation'. Soul has been described above as being Kartä of material Karmas and as such being subject to their consequences, Those Karmas can, however, be terminated as well; because even if prevailing defilement etc. are very acute, they can be reduced by discontinuance of practice, by avoiding contact and by calming them down. They are reducible and can be destroyed. The state of the bondage thus being destructible, pure state of soul devoid of all bondage, is the state of liberation. 

Sixth fundamental:- 'There are means to achieve liberation'. If bondage of Karma simply continues to occur, its cessation can never be visualized. There are, however, factors like knowledge, conviction, staying tuned to soul, detachment, devotion etc. that are manifestly opposites of the bondage of Karma. By the intensity of these means, the bondage gets loose, gets pacified and can be destroyed. Therefore knowledge, perception, restraint etc. are the means for attaining liberation. 

These six fundamentals, which are termed by the blessed enlightened as the supreme abode of right perception, have been narrated here in brief. Soul that is closer to liberation would easily find them accurate and entirely convincing. Consideration of these aspects in all perspectives would lead to the rise of discernment within. The supreme entity has pronounced these six fundamentals as beyond all doubts. Discernment arising from these six aspects can be helpful to the soul in comprehending its true Self. 

The enlightened entities have laid down the teaching of these six aspects for removing the sense of ego and attachment of the worldly soul that arises from its dreaming state which has been prevailing since the time without beginning. If the soul realizes that its true nature is beyond that state, it would easily gain awareness and obtain right perception. By gaining right perception, it would attain liberation in the sense of realizing its true Self. Sense of exultation, grief or other interaction would not occur to it from any perishable, impure or such other impact. That awareness would lead it to experience, from close proximity, its own natural purity, perfection, imperishability and boundless joy. 

It has been accustomed to identity itself with unnatural states. It would now gain clear, visible, vivid, manifest experience of being completely distinct from such states. The interaction with the perishable or such other objects would not be viewed by it with the sense of desirability or undesirability. It would feel gratified with the knowledge and experience of its own true Self as being the abode of perfect greatness, free from any affliction of birth, old age, death, disease etc. All the persons who are convinced of soul, by the appropriate description of these six fundamentals by the supreme entities, have realized their true state. In the past such persons have got free from worries, disease, afflictions and all other interactions; presently such persons do get free and the same will happen in future. 

Let our highly devoted obeisance be to the enlightened entities who have laid down to abide at ease within the true self, that can forever end the affliction of birth, old age and death. True nature of soul can arise by daily and continuous adoration of their innate compassion. Lotus like feet of such enlightened may always stay within our hearts. 

It is not possible to define the attributes of the enlightened, the adoption of whose instructions easily leads to the manifestation of true Self as evidenced by these six fundamentals. By such manifestation, soul gains fearlessness that arises from the attainment of everlasting bliss.

By their innate compassion, the enlightened entities have conferred the unrewardable supreme disposition without desiring any thing whatsoever and yet have never conceived that so and so is my pupil or is mine because he is my devotee. Repeated obeisance with intense devotion be to such enlightened entities.

Such entities have laid down devotion for true Guide solely for the benefit of Pupils. They have prescribed devotion so that the tendency of pupils may stay towards the state of Guide's soul, self indulgence may come to an end by witnessing their unprecedented attributes and true Self may be easily visualized. Our all time obeisance be to that devotion and to those enlightened entities. 

Omniscience has of course not been presently manifested. It has, however, been clearly known as a potentiality from the words of the enlightened entities. Omniscience exists as a matter of faith, as a state to be contemplated and a state to be aspired; and from the absolute point of view, it is prevalent within. Repeated obeisance with supreme devotion be to the benevolence of the enlightened entity by whose grace this soul easily got worthy of attaining omniscience, that manifests the unobstructed bliss.